Tuesday, 22 July 2014

OUTFIT | #229

top: MissGuided; skirt: American Apparel; sandals: River Island; watch: Casio

No more work for a week means I get to bring my short skirts and crop tops out again. Thank goodness. Dressing incredibly conservatively on a limited wardrobe means you run out of options pretty fast. I'll be glad when I have some money to buy some more office appropriate clothing. For now, it's my graduation week and I'm spending it with family and friends, not in front of a computer. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Keeping up the ol' tennis fashion vibes here with the addition of a fairly sporty-looking white top. I bought this ages ago and never wore it for some reason. It looks good with this skirt though. Anyone would think I had some natural sporting ability or even a vague interest in it, but you would be wrong. I was the kid in PE that refused to run or catch a ball or do anything (Everyone hated me. Understandably.) I don't watch any sports, I don't know the rules to anything, and the only time I break a sweat is if I run for a bus. Such an imposter. But I look pretty cute, so I guess that makes up for it.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


I've had an interesting summer so far. The first half was spent enjoying my last few weeks of undergrad life with friends before everyone moved back home, followed by a month of travelling. Now I'm working in an office 9-5 for the rest of the summer so it's been a real mixture. In my travels, and since I've been back, a couple of products I've been using have really stuck out from the rest though.

This might seem like a bit of an odd one. No, it's not a beauty product. In 2014, I became a tea drinker. I never liked tea before one day, at my friend Zoe's house, she made me a cup of this. And I loved it. I drink my tea black, sometimes with a little bit of honey for some extra antibacterial properties. I'm happy to drink any tea now but this remains my absolute favourite. Since I've been working,  I've been up a lot earlier and as I'm trying not to drink too much coffee, this has been my caffeine kick of choice lately.

I mentioned this product a long time in my skincare routine post. Generally, I am incredibly lucky with my skin. It's the first thing people compliment me on. However, with travelling a lot and going in and out of planes and buildings with air conditioning and not always keeping up my skincare regimen, came some skin issues this month. My skin was not happy with my mistreatment of it and I had a few (tiny, but irritating to me) break outs to contend with. This restored my skin back to normal in no time at all.

It has been really hot here in the UK. And it was also incredibly hot while I was travelling around. Which is not always great if you're wearing a full face of make up. This product has especially been my saviour for long days at work (or for long nights in sweaty clubs, when I was in Berlin). I spritz it on over my make up and it helps keep things in place all day, no matter how absurdly warm it is outside.

I tried to stay away from this mascara for as long as I possibly could. I knew as soon as I tried it I would love it, and I was right. It has completely replaced my former favourite mascara, the now sadly discontinued Maybelline One by One, in my make up routine. I will be the first to admit: It is ridiculously priced. I bought several tubes in the US as it's a bit cheaper over there. But I have yet to find a mascara I love as much and, for a girl with fairly short, sparse eyelashes, it does wonders so I really hate to be without it.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

OUTFIT | #228

shirt: GAP; skirt: J. Crew; shoes: Clarks; watch: Casio

Just because I'm working 9-5 in an office for the majority of the next 3 months doesn't mean I can't keep up the blog posts. I may not have a ton of office appropriate clothing currently. That's probably something I'll have to gradually buy more of eventually. But I do have a few outfits up my sleeve. And I'm having fun trying out new combinations. I do love a business-y look. If I could shop solely at J. Crew, I think I'd be a pretty happy girl. I even iron my shirts now. Such a grown up.

This was a fairly colourful effort on my behalf. This skirt is one of my faves so I paired it with a super soft and comfortable shirt I got on sale at the GAP a while back for my first day. Wore my little grandpa slipper shoes to finish it all off. Not a bad effort for a newbie, I think. Keep an eye out for some more office efforts over the coming weeks. Although I haven't laid down my crop tops and miniskirts forever - they're just reserved for weekends and weeknights now. 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

OUTFIT | #227

dress: Zara; top: ASOS; shoes: River Island

This is kind of a remixed take on an old outfit I used to wear a lot, back in the day. The dress by itself has always been a little bit too low-cut for my preferences. I'm more of a legs gal than a boobs gal. So I always wore a little top under it. Despite being the middle of July, it was actually really cold here the other day so I pulled this combination out with a new twist: the turtleneck. I own over five pretty similar, but slightly different, black turtlenecks. Most of them cropped. It makes getting ready a challenge when you're trying to find a particular one but I love them for layering.

To complete the wintry vibe, I went with a super dark red lipstick. Here I'm wearing MAC 'Diva' - you can it better in my MAC lipstick collection post. I know it's still early days and summer is barely halfway through, but I'm already missing winter layers and darker colours. I even wore this outfit out for the evening by switching out the sandals for black heeled boots when I went to a few bars with some friends. P.S. My hair dried weird so I straightened it and I was really feeling it. Until I got rained on and it went back to being a frizzy mess.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

OUTFIT | #226

top: Topshop; skirt: ASOS; shoes: Converse; watch: Casio

Another outfit from Berlin. A quick shout out to my camerawoman and travel companion Bridie for putting up with my picture-taking demands. You the best, girl. I'd have taken even more outfit pictures if the 3rd day hadn't been spent incredibly hungover and looking a little worse for wear after a heavy night in one of the biggest clubs in Berlin. They aren't lying when they say that Berlin does nightlife in a big way. You're better off spared pictures of my sorry self from the day after the night before.

This skirt has been my most successful purchase for a while. I throw it on with nearly every thing and haven't gone more than a few days without wearing it this summer. Not shown here are the neon yellow socks I wore with this outfit. I quickly bought some emergency socks before I went on holiday and they were the most ridiculous array of patterns and neon colours. I got some odd looks. Also not pictured is my trusty Fjallraven Kanken, which I wore all over Berlin and served me very well.